Sunday, 18 March 2012

Night Heron at Polgigga Duckpond

The days birding started with a walk around Lands End where we had a beautiful male Black Redstart who would occasionally start singing. He was accompanied by a male Wheatear, my first for the year. We had also seen a couple of Sand Martins so it feels like spring is on its way! 

We then went to see the Night Heron which has temporarily made its home on the duckpond at Polgigga.  


  1. By the look of your profile it seems we have much in common! LOL!
    I love your pictures of this night Heron.
    Not so easy to spot in France where I live... for now!
    Cheers Kathryn and happy birding!

  2. What fantastic pictures Kathryn. You really are very talented, and that's not me being partial, it's the truth!