Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Time lapse with Nikon D800 SLR

  This is a "now for something completely different" post for my blog as it only shows film clips and no photographs! Another new feature of the Nikon D800 is that it has a time lapse setting. As many of you know John is into his video and film-making so we were quite keen to give this new feature a go! Our first trial was a St Michael's Mount and it took us a little while to sort out the settings required but we were quite pleased with the results even though the film was a little on the short side!

(To view the films in a larger format, click on the "You Tube" link on the bottom right hand side of the frame)

  We had another go with the time lapse feature, this time with the wind turbines on the Lizard. Again it took us several goes to get the settings right but John and I were pleased with the results. Maybe there might be a time lapse sequence in his next Birds in Cornwall DVD!!

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Landscapes with the new Nikon D800 SLR

  Last weekend I was lucky enough to be allowed to try out the new Nikon D800 SLR camera. With a 14-24mm lens attached John and I headed to West Cornwall to take some landscapes. I took several photographs during the day, but I have shown just a couple in this post. The first is of the engine houses at Botallack. 

  Perhaps my favourite picture of the day was this one of St Michael's Mount in the stormy clouds. The advantage of the 14-24mm lens is that as it is so wide it allows you to capture those large moody skies in the picture.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Mute Swans at Tresemple Pool, Truro River

  This evening we had a short walk along the Truro River from St Clement to Tresemple Pool. The tide was going out and feeding on the mud opposite Tresemple Pool was a beautiful Black-tailed Godwit in summer plumage. Unfortunately it was quite distant but I managed to take a record shot as shown below.

  On Tresemple Pool feeding at the edge of the water were a pair of Mute Swans who were accompanied by a Common Sandpiper. Whilst watching the swans another male Mute Swan flew in from the river and landed on the pool. He immediately raised his wings and started charging through the water towards the pair of Mute Swans already there. 

  The resident male responded to the challenge and launched himself into the water with his wings raised and they circled around each other before he chased his rival to the other side of the pool!

  A few moments later we saw the resident male chasing the female across the water, making a big splash in the process.