Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Time lapse with Nikon D800 SLR

  This is a "now for something completely different" post for my blog as it only shows film clips and no photographs! Another new feature of the Nikon D800 is that it has a time lapse setting. As many of you know John is into his video and film-making so we were quite keen to give this new feature a go! Our first trial was a St Michael's Mount and it took us a little while to sort out the settings required but we were quite pleased with the results even though the film was a little on the short side!

(To view the films in a larger format, click on the "You Tube" link on the bottom right hand side of the frame)

  We had another go with the time lapse feature, this time with the wind turbines on the Lizard. Again it took us several goes to get the settings right but John and I were pleased with the results. Maybe there might be a time lapse sequence in his next Birds in Cornwall DVD!!

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  1. Clever you, how did you find downloading and dealing with large files.